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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Electro Grime - Has arrived!!!‏

[Download Pack - 570 MB] - ZIP FILE

Inspiration Sounds "Electro Grime" features some of the dirtiest Electro House Loops and Samples ever committed to a Sample Pack. If you produce Dirty Electro House, or Minimal House, then Electro Grime is guaranteed to blow you away!

Electro Grime is the latest Sample Pack from Inspiration Sounds. If you are looking for totally fresh and current electro synths, ball-crunching electro basslines, downright dirty electro drums and "out of this world" synthesizer fx, then look no further. Electro Grime was created exclusively using some of the finest analogue synthesizers and analogue drum machines ever created. All loops are at 128BPM and our producers have worked extremely hard to provide you the most refreshing and inspirational content possible.

Please note, all of the demo content is included in Electro Grime. Some "full mix" musical loops are included in the Electro Grime Sample Pack to allow new producers to create tracks extremely easily. However, Electro Grime is ideal for both new producers and seasoned professionals alike. Electro Grime is available for direct download to your computer today, and it is in multi-format.

Electro Grime Contents:
Drum Loops (Tops)
Drum Loops (Bottoms)
Bass Loops
Synth & FX Loops
Musical Loops
Electro Grime Contents: Hits (One-Shots)
Synth & FX Samples
Bass Samples
Drum & Percussion Samples
Kick Drum Samples
Snare Samples

Electro Grime: Formats
ACIDized Wav (key, number of beats and loop/one-shot attributes are included)
Apple Loops (key, number of beats, genre, tempo and loop/one-shot attributes are included)
REX2 (Sensitivity slider has been adjusted carefully on each loop to pick out all relevant notes/beats)
WAV (ideal for all applications and hardware synth samplers)

Electro Grime: Production Quality
All of the content was mastered in the Inspiration Sounds' Pro Tools HD TDM studio using the world's leading audio production gear. All data has been passed through our 7-stage quality control system to ensure that all content is fully tested and works perfectly in all applications.
570MB Data
ACIDized Wave Files
Apple Loops
REX2 files
All loops sync to BPM
PC/Mac Compatible

Electro Grime: Compatible with all versions of this software:
Ableton Live
Apple Final Cut
Apple Garageband
Apple Logic 7/8
Apple Soundtrack
Cakewalk Sonar
Cubase SX
Cubase 4
Emagic Logic
FL Studio
Kontakt (all versions)
Motu Mach Five
Stylus RMX
This really does look like a interesting pack, im thinking of buying it myself! If anybody has it please give us some feedback on it, cheers.


djcharlee said...

thanks for the info looks intrestin...thinking of getting it also....let me know how it works out if u buy it.......

djcharlee said...

just purchased it man....its fukin insane.......has everythng u need....tell u what before u buy it email me we can work something out.....djcharlee2007@hotmail.com