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This blog will now only post tracks which the artist wants posted!
So if any producers want a medium for there new tracks... here ya go! Just e-mail your stuff and people all around the world can hear it.

Send all tracks along with backround information to,

Monday, December 31, 2007

Diarmuid O'D - Monday Morning Session (Original Mix)

Hey guys this is a new track iv done, some very nice sounds in it!
Check it out.
For more info check out,

Friday, November 23, 2007


This is a dance music forum owned and run by friends of mine,
if you are interested in knowing more about the current music scene in Ireland, check out the website.
Here is some backround on the site.
DanceMusicIreland was originally set up by John Rainey from Letterkenny, almost 5 years ago and the sites poplularity has grown at a tremondus rate. Approx 1 year ago John approached close friends Timmy & Tommy to help with the day to day running of the website and help push things forward. The site itself now has just over 2,000 members and has members at every corner of the country. Most of the major nightclubs in country are active members of DMI including, Trinty Rooms Limerick, Tripod Dublin, Voodoo Letterkenny, Lush Portrush and major concert orgainzers AIKEN & Pod Concerts(Electric Picnic & 515).

Also involved in the site is Johns brother Conor who also helps with the moderating of the site, "Collectively we make descisions between the 4 of us as to the way we think site should be layed out and what ways we think we can improve and move it forward, to make it as user freindly, informative and entertaining for the user as possible.

Due to the Succes of the site the promoters of Planet Love Summer Session approached DMI about co hosting a Tent flanked by Techno Legend Dave Clarke at this years festival, which will be broadcast live on national station 2FM. The tent is also hosted by succesful Dublin promotion company "Collective Music" which has worked very closely with DMI to plan and design the concept behind the arena.

Future Plans
DMI will be hosting more events in the near future including continung or close relationship with club Voodoo and it staff. Other expansions for DMI include their own record label "Full Tilt Music" which has already signed several tracks from Irish producers and will be hitting the shops early in 08.

The DMI clothing line has also been a great success with phonemal support form the Donegal clubbers who have been supporting the DMI T shirts and Hoodies. There will also be one special T shirts for Planet Love available, information on this can be found on DanceMusicIreland.com

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reuban Keeney - Medieval Glow

15yr old DJ/Producer Reuben Keeney profiles is getting higher and higher,
ever since his mixes starting appearing on dance music and clubbing forums about a year ago. He has been DJ-ing for over a year now and started producing 4 - 5 months ago.
He describes his style as Dirty Electro and Tech House.
His main influences are Fergie, Jordan X, Cormac McCorrey, The Japaneese Popstars, Tony Watters, Jason Young, Adrian Devine, Mr Henry Von just a few to name.
This is a young dj who lives near me in Ireland,
his newest tune Medievil Glow was released on the 1st of october,
and is available at djdownload, juno etc....
For more info on Reuban check out:

Monday, October 1, 2007

Allex Le Grand - Brocken Beat (Original Mix)

A nice tech-house tune sent to me this morning from 19 year old Romanian Producer,
Allex Le Grand.

Allex Le Grand - Brocken Beat (Original Mix)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Obsessed with HouseObsessed

I'm always amazed at how international the web is!
I mean here is the top ten countries visiting the blog....
May it continue to grow...

13.97% - United Kingdom

13.08% - Uruguay

10.64% - Australia

7.98% - Ireland

7.76% - Morocco

5.54% - United States

5.32% - Canada

4.66% - Germany

4.43% - Russian Federation

2.44% - Netherlands

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Juan Pablo

A reader of the blog from the beginning.....Juan Pablo has sent me these new tracks of his, and because this blog is about the free movement of new music,
here they are.
They mite be a little different to the usual stuff on here, but i enjoyed them,
so check dem out!
Which is a remix of Greece 3000
electro rock tune

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Obsessed (Re-edit)

Just finished a re-edit of my track "Obsessed",
after listening to the original i cud'nt help myself from going back and changing some of it.
Anyway hope ya's enjoy it.