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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reuban Keeney - Medieval Glow

15yr old DJ/Producer Reuben Keeney profiles is getting higher and higher,
ever since his mixes starting appearing on dance music and clubbing forums about a year ago. He has been DJ-ing for over a year now and started producing 4 - 5 months ago.
He describes his style as Dirty Electro and Tech House.
His main influences are Fergie, Jordan X, Cormac McCorrey, The Japaneese Popstars, Tony Watters, Jason Young, Adrian Devine, Mr Henry Von just a few to name.
This is a young dj who lives near me in Ireland,
his newest tune Medievil Glow was released on the 1st of october,
and is available at djdownload, juno etc....
For more info on Reuban check out:


DJ Strokz said...

This guy is sick!!!! He has really got music running through his veins!!!

Anonymous said...

its d irish blood!!!!wer d best!!

Anonymous said...

its godamn rockin...fuckin great tune from the wee guy

Anonymous said...

Wow ... that is a crazy track from someone soo young and only been producing for 5 months ..

I just finished my first track tonight (been producing a month lol) and thought it wasn't bad .. now i just feel like shit hahaha...

Anonymous said...

you should post up your track buddy...cant be that bad!