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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Producer/Dj Of The Week: Morgan Page

Morgan Page has been gaining national buzz over his remixes for Nelly Furtado, Regina Spektor, Tegan & Sara, and more, Morgan Page has established himself as a profound producer and highly sought-after remixer.
Page's newest effort comes in the form of a 12 track LP featuring brand new remixes and original cuts that blends into indie dance perfection. Elevate is fun and sexy and I would dare anyone to listen to it and try not to dance. It's impossible.

Morgan Page is set to release his debut album, "Elevate" on MARCH 25TH featuring a host of amazing guest stars and original tracks.
Most of you will know him from 'The Longest Road' which has been remixed by Deadmou5 and Discount Rhinos!!
If anybody wants anymore info on Morgan just send me a e-mail to houseobsessed.blog@gmail.com
And if you like 'The Longest Road' you should definatly think about buying his album when its released this March!

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